Eid , Airports and Airlines Assessed Open 24 Hours

Eid , Airports and Airlines Assessed Open 24 Hours

Ministry of Transport (MoT ) by Directorate General of Civil Aviation trying to anticipate a surge in passengers ahead of Eid . Therefore , the government will consider the airline operating time up to 24 hours in a day . ( Read: teknik pengecoran aluminium )

Acting Director General of Civil Aviation Ministry of Transportation Eddy Santoso Wibowo said , the Directorate of Civil Aviation did not rule implementing a 24 -hour operation , but first seen in terms of the readiness of the airline and its airport .

" If it is possible could serve up to 24 hours , we also consider the existing facility , which is an important safety , " said Santoso at Penisula Hotel , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 03/06/2014 ) .

Not only that , further Santoro , through extraflight program can also be done in an effort to anticipate a surge in passengers during the Lebaran . However , it would have been done every year since the program extraflight always applied .

" We ‘ve got a record that each year we may add frequency now , " he added .

Therefore , with a sharp increase in passengers during Eid days , he will check the readiness of the airport and airline in advance .

" The problem we extraflight still open , we consider the airport operating hours as well , " he explained .


There TransJakarta Without Reason stop and Winding Stairs?

There is a reason Busway stop access made ​​without using a ladder and a winding ramp even though it is considered to be ineffective because it only makes the user runs TransJakarta twirling up just to stop .

According to the Director of the Institute for Transportation Development Policy ( ITDP ) Indonesian Adiwinarto Yoga , intended to stop the use of ramp more accessible by TransJakarta passengers who use wheelchairs . Therefore , by using the ramp , the path will be more gentle .

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" The use of a ramp is so that a more gentle path that stops more accessible to wheelchair users , " said Yoga to Kompas.com , Tuesday ( 05/27/2014 ) .

Yoga recognizes , in general , is much more effective use of the stairs rather than ramps . What’s more , he said , nearly 95 percent of users tranjakarta are people who do not use wheelchairs .

However , he continued , to pay attention to aspects of wheelchair users remains to be seen . Therefore, Yoga reveals that ITDP has designed the access bus stops equipped with a ramp and stairs as well .

" So , for example, there is a bridge . For those who come from the north taking the stairs , the later life of the south ramp . So varied . Ramp her there , the ladder there , " said Yoga .

" Because the stairs had to stay there to speed up access for ordinary passengers ( not disability ) in order not to muter - muter , " he said again .

Currently , the path to climb the ramp stop using the Busway only . This makes the lines tend to be longer and winding as the slope of the ramp that is used is of a high ladder 1:7 . That is , to reach a height of one meter ladder , horizontal distance required is seven meters ramp .


Problem Biscuits Containing Pig, This Replies Indomaret

Last week , Tbk PT Indomarco Prismatama experiencing unpleasant events . It follows the findings of a consumer in Indomaret top branded products Bourbon biscuit cookie that turned out to contain pork . ( read : YLKI : Sell Biscuits Contain Swine , Indomaret Not Enough Just Apologizes )

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Feeling cheated , Indomaret was preparing to cast a summons to Rome CV as the supplier of those products from Japan . Party Indomaret say , Bourbon Cookies are not like products supplied Rome Rome filed early in the auction , in January last year . Both companies agreed at the time that Rome was not supplying Bourbon Cookie containing pigs in the composition of the material .

Apparently , in the middle of the road , the Japanese company that manufactures biscuits are changing the composition of the material and content of pork in them enter . Well , changing the composition is not reported by the Romans , as the importer , to Indomarco . For your information , Roma are an importer company from Medan , North Sumatra .

For misuse of this agreement , Indomaret will take legal action . ” Now we ‘re somasinya and this process is very sensitive , ” said Joseph Wiwiek , Marketing Director Indomarco Prismatama , KONTAN , last weekend .

In addition to taking legal action , the company also claims to have pulled out all the Bourbon Cookies in 30 Indomaret . These measures include re-check all the other imported products . The company said only distribute Bourbon Cookies in 30 outlets of the total 9,400 outlets owned today .

However , the company is 40 percent owned by International Makmur Tbk PT Indoritel it did not specify how the volume Bourbon Cookies are pulled from shelves Indomaret , including how the value of the rupiah berkardus boxes of biscuits that are sold for Rp 14,500 per pack it .

Although hampered by the negative sentiment , the outlets are not retroactively claim Wiwiek visitors . Without mentioning the sales target , he is optimistic that starting in June , to coincide with Ramadan , the number of buyers will be doubled . ” We will do the steps in order to remain confident in our communities , ” said Wiwiek .

Clearly , Indomarco promised would open if it sells a product containing pork . However, so far , the company admitted choose to sell products that do not contain pork .

On the other hand , Indomarco feel daunted if these events will lead him to deal with the various agencies . Call it the Indonesian Retailers Association ( APRINDO ) or the Indonesian Consumers Foundation ( YLKI ) . The company says ready to explain the problem so that the product sits up could be in the stores .

Just for information , news Bourbon Cookies containing pig burst on the findings of a consumer when shopping in Chester Indomaret region , Banten . The post - discovery , the consumer then upload product photos on social networking sites .


Problem sued Damaged Roads, Lampung Governor LBH Challenge to the ‘Court of Angels “

" Go ahead LBH sue me in court , let alone to get to the center of my angels ladenin , " said Sjachroedin ZP on the sidelines with a crew welcoming the media towards the end of his post as governor of Lampung in Pussiban Building , Friday ( 23/5 / 2014 ) .

A number of roads in the province of Lampung is now much damaged . Conditions that make LBH Bandar lawsuit to the District Court for the Governor of Lampung Lampung Sjachroedin ZP and parliament accountable .

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Chairman of the Economic Division of Social and Cultural Chandra Muliawan when met at the Secretariat LBH Bandar said , there are 19 roads damaged the left without any concrete action .

Damage to roads is found in Jalan Ir Tirtayasa Sutami and Prince Street industrial area in Bandar , Jalan Soekarno - Hatta , access - Krui Liwa Street West Lampung paralyzed along 10 kilometers , intersection Gayam and Hatta Village Road in South Lampung , The road to Sukaagung and Sukabanjar Tanggamus .

" Even as the Middle Cross Road yesterday Terbanggi Great shooting incident had occurred by pemalak transport driver who maintain these roads , " said Chandra Muliawan .

Furthermore , he says road transport is a means of access concerning lives of many people and has a very important social function . Thus , the maintenance of the road is a priority to be implemented immediately .

" Every year Lampung Provincial Government allocates billions of dollars to carry out repairs and maintenance , but the fact that the road here a lot of damage , " he said .

He added that the governor and the Council has violated the constitutional rights of citizens , especially residents of Lampung Province . ” The defendant’s negligence to provide public facilities , does not meet the service and cause accidents and lead to high crime , ” he said .

The above conditions LBH Lampung Governor demanding immediate repair of office runs out before the masses . ” This lawsuit will we soon layangkan District Court to Class IA Tandjungkarang , if the claim is not honored LBH , layangkan immediately summons the parties involved, ” Chandra said .

Chandra hopes , the government can respond to these issues seriously and that effort will continue the new government .


More fierce competition Presidential Election, Election Supervisory Body Mass Supporters Must Watch

Executive Director Ari Nurchahyo Soegeng Sarjadi Syndicate said the Election Supervisory Body ( Bawaslu ) should oversee the supporters of each pair of candidates for president and vice president to avoid friction between the two camps .

The number of candidates Presidential Election ( Election) that only two pairs , he said , making competition more fierce .

( read: kenari yorkshire jantan )

" Political contestation will be very fierce . Friction below , especially the supporters will be very large . Bawaslu How readiness for it ? Bawaslu should look at the possibility of friction ," said Ari , in media discussions held Bawaslu , in Lembang , West Java , on Thursday ( 05.22.2014 ) .

He said two pairs of candidates that have fanatic supporters in large numbers . The mass , he said , has the potential to experience not only the physical friction , but also in social media .

Moreover , according to Ari , the two couples will fight Joko Widodo Jusuf Kalla - and - Hatta Rajasa Prabowo has a ” political vendetta ” .

" Prabowo with Mega ( Chairman of the Democratic Party of Struggle Megawati Sukarnoputri ) had old scores Slate about the agreement . While the Jokowi , they never sit together , " said Ari .


Contact with bone cancer, SD Students Exam This at Home

Ridho Rizki Kurniawan, SD State students 75 wards Pens, City of Bengkulu , must undergo a Final Test (UAS ) at home , due to it suffering bone cancer two years ago . Cancer is undermining the right thigh .

Principal SDN 75 Kusmabuti say there UAS 119 participants in the school. But just holding Rizki number 01-075-119-2 undergoing UAS test at home .

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" In the exam at home, monitored by supervisors Rizki cross from another school, the time given to Riziki for doing the exams for 90 minutes , and this has to get permission from the police , " said Kusmabuti , Tuesday ( 05/20/2014 ) .

Mother Rizki , Nurhasanah deliver his son suffered bone cancer since class V in the thigh .

In addition , he said, in the thigh There are 24 former sewing operations located in the side of the right leg, 11 stitches and 13 stitch the top of the thigh .

" My son absolutely can not move , therefore, we ask that consideration could test at home, " says Nurhasanah .

Nurhasanah tell , bone cancer caused his son started high fever and swelling in the right thigh .

Looking at the condition , he brought Rizki to berobat in RSUD M Yunus Bengkulu City . As a result, Rizki suffered bone cancer and should be operated.

" It’s been two times Rizki operated, the first and second bone cancer operation cutting operations femur . When the hair loss Rizki all , "says Nurhasanah .

Despite underwent surgery twice , Nurhasanah said his son must be operated to three to install wire in the bone that has been cut . However , for the third operation , the family did not have enough money .

In fact, in the third operation Nurhasanah must sell her house so that her son could be operated . Because her husband Endang Sumantri ( 47 ) only berprofesi as diesel car drivers expedition yielding only from hand to mouth .


"Bring Heart with Jokowi, Indonesia Towards the Eternal"

Jokowi Mars song sung at the National Secretariat of Women Supporting Jokowi office , at Jalan Brawijaya Raya , South Jakarta , Saturday ( 17/05/2014 ) . The song was to welcome Jokowi visiting the office .

Presidential candidate of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDI - P ) was departing from his official residence in Suropati Park , Menteng , Central Jakarta , around 12:00 . He arrived at the office of the pendukunggnya female volunteers , approximately at 12.45 .

( Read: jenis penyakit burung )

Jokowi wearing a brown batik rushed into the office . Inside , he holds a closed meeting with a number of prominent supporters of volunteers . While waiting Jokowi appears , the volunteers were waiting in the room Media Center , Mars Jokowi sing again .

The song fragment reads in part ” … Combine liver with Jokowi , to Indonesia eternal … “

The song grew louder when Jokowi out to greet volunteers. ” I’m not old , ” said Jokowi , to laughter from the volunteers .

Supporting Women’s Secretariat has a vision Jokowi social justice for all people , including women as a form of national independence , and has a mission in support of winning Jokowi antarannya become President in the 2014 presidential election .


Hatta offer to Prabowo, PAN Denies Cross MCC

PAN has been denied because overtaking PKS offers PAN chairman Hatta Rajasa DPP as a vice presidential candidate to accompany the presidential candidate Gerindra , Prabowo . Board chairman Viva Yoga winning elections PAN states , no - overtaking salip coalition in Gerindra shaft .

( Read: penyakit burung kacer )

" There is no - overtaking salip , coalition Indonesia Raya solid , compact , " said Yoga in the Parliament Building , Senayan , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 13/05/2014 ) afternoon .

MCC also has conducted intensive exploratory coalition with Gerindra . MCC also plans to offer a candidate to be the vice presidential candidate of the People Election Prabowo .

Yoga can not be sure whether Prabowo will receive Hatta as vice . Clearly , the declaration of the establishment of Hatta as vice will be conducted in the PAN national working meeting on Wednesday ( 05/14/2014 ) tomorrow . “The issue of choice ( vice ) , we submit fully to Prabowo , but we hope this will be the perfect couple , ” said Yoga .

According to Yoga , the entry of PAN to shaft Gerindra coalition will not disturb the other parties who have or want to join . Moreover, if to withdraw support to Gerindra . ” The possibility ( withdrawal of support ) is very small because the PAN and PKS brother . Fraction we ‘ve shared in the 1999 reform , ” he said .

The key , according to him , is the division of tasks and responsibilities of each political party coalition . Later it will be submitted to the holders Gerindra as a party with a voice in the legislative elections greatest .


Suicide action in Sinai Egyptian Army Kills

A suicide bomber killed an Egyptian troops in the Sinai Peninsula on Friday, when the second blast hit a bus injuring five civilians in the street nearby. Similarly, security officials said.

( Read: burung ciblek jantan )

” The suicide attack also wounded six policemen on duty at the checkpoint joint-military police outside the provincial capital of South Sinai, Al-Tur,” officials said.

Security forces have been deployed to protect the South Sinai resort along the coast which is the top of the tourism sector in the violence-torn country.

The militant group based in the desert peninsula is increasing chaos. They had killed a number of soldiers and police since the military overthrew president of Islamist Mohammed Moursi last July.


KPAI: Prevention pedophiles, All Employees Must JIS Blood Test

Secretary General of the Indonesian Child Protection Commission ( KPAI ) Erlinda said , all employees of the Jakarta International School ( JIS ) should do blood tests to disprove the existence of pedophiles in the opinion of the school environment .

( Read: burung masteran untuk cendet )

" We told the JIS to cooperate with us . Importantly , the schools want to admit there are some other victims in JIS , " said Erlinda KPAI office , Monday ( 04/28/2014 ) .

Erlinda said , only the medical results to prove whether or not the denial . All employees in JIS , ranging from outsourced to the teaching staff , should perform a blood test .

Erlinda not deny , for the prevention aspect , he asked for a blood test was also conducted on children in kindergarten JIS . Although parents believe that school safety JIS , further Erlinda , why actors within the JIS more than five people .

" Do we not say there is a small syndicate ? Victims not only one , but more than that , " he said .

Erlinda said she did not know if it does not secure acknowledgment clearly disclosed . KPAI also tried to restore the good name of JIS with many denied reports circulating .

Erlinda said , the school should be willing to admit there are some other victim before the victim’s mother AK , TH , complained to the police and KPAI .

Meanwhile , two victims who had been reported to be given emergency protection KPAI . ” Providing emergency assistance protection , provide psychological assistance , and provide assistance psychiatrist , and give them a sense of security , ” said Erlinda .

According to Erlinda , this incident clearly remarkable because when the victim is handled late , in the end they too will become a pedophile .

" We say that the suit is said Police Chief ( actor ) Zainal was a victim of the William Vahey . ‘s Track record of William is suspected hard because the perpetrator was derived not only from outsourcing , " he said .

Until now , investigators Directorate General Criminal Jakarta Police has announced the five suspects . All five include Agun Iskandar aka AG ( 25 ) , aka Cloud Virgiawan , Syahrial aka SY ( 20 ) , alias Zaenal ZA ( 25 ) , and Afrischa Setyani aka AF ( 24 ) . One other suspect , Anwar alias AZ ( 28 ) , died while undergoing examination at the police , on Saturday ( 26/04/2014 ) .