Samad Expected to be Vice President Jokowi

Leader net of corruption is the desire of the people . Such leaders should run Indonesian government firmly . If there is corruption , then immediately dealt with firmly punished - it weighs .

" Government should come away from corruption , " said resident Salemba , Central Jakarta , Miftahudin , in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 16/4 ) . According to the leader of such a firm and has been shown to actively prevent and even eradicate corruption from the root .

Employees of a private company assesses Jokowi figure known pro-people . He was always actively control the development progress with blusukan . But that alone is not enough . Must exist that control the use of the budget carefully and firmly . ” I think Abraham Samad match , ” he explained . There are no anti-corruption figure that qualified besides the KPK leaders .

Political observers , Boni HARGEN stated Jokowi and Abraham Samad ( Jokomad ) is a unique synthesis . Indonesia changes for the better in their hands . Jokowi will focus on improving the welfare of society and the economy . While Abraham Samad will affirm the importance of the rule of law . Who corruption will be wiped out . ” It will form a firm and authoritative government , ” he added .

Wasekjen PDIP , Eriko Sotarduga , said it was still considering the people - the best people to assist Jokowi . ” We still have inventory , ” he explained . He declared Abraham Samad was one of the people being considered .

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He claims to be a bold Jokowi . Courage was used in combating corruption . Anyone involved will have to be dealt with .


Rosman: Why Should Jokowi, Still Many More People

Regents of Central Bangka, Bangka Belitung Province, Erzaldi Rosman, assessing the inclusion of the name of Joko Widodo or Jokowi into the material about the National Examination (UN) is not appropriate because there are many other characters that have great services to the nation and the state.

"Why should the name Jokowi, we regret this because there are many other characters that should be known to the students and a reference for strengthening mental state defense," he said on the sidelines of the UN review of the SMK 2 Koba, Bangka Belitung, Tuesday.

It was put forward related Jokowi name that was mentioned by one of the national examination for subjects Indonesian majoring in social studies with this type of multiple-choice questions.

"There are many other characters that I think could be an example of the younger generation, for example the names of the heroes of whom General Sudirman and several other national heroes who contributed to the nation," he said.

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He pointed out, Sukarno, Suharto, Agus Salim and several other heroes worthy enough into the matter of the UN.


Services ‘Paralyzed’, Instagram Flood Criticism on Twitter

Mobile users who frequently use the popular social networking Instagram , the ( 12/4 ) had wondered and complained about the service is ” lame ” and down for no apparent reason .

Quoted from Softpedia , the complaint originally submitted by Instagram users who said that they when opening the application , did not find the photos they’ve uploaded . Basically , they will find every uploaded photo uploading screen display ( uplading screen ) with images swirling circle . However , each time the user upload pictures always fail and never loaded .

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Rather than upset with Instagram , users of social networking photos from various corners of the country began noisily blasted Instagram on their Twitter account . Of course a lot of sarcastic messages that are updated on Twitter , like ” How will I know what you’re eating or wearing today ” more or less means ” How do I know what you eat or wear today ” .

Not only that , they also make memes ” spicy ” satirical Instagram . Some memes that the tone of ” flicking ” saying that they should unify the movement to tell each other how to load photos on Instagram is good and right . Hashtag # InstagramIsDown has become quite well known on Twitter , complaining , insults , invective and steam users who complain Instagram Instagram down .

So far, Instagram does not have connection problems and fatal bugs like this , which makes the current situation as very annoying for the user . Instagram via his official Twitter account at @ instagram on ( 12/4 ) , have recognized the problem and the failure to send photos uploaded photos on Instagram . Open apology from the Instagram has posted on Twitter , which said that they continue to work up to fix problems sending and uploading photos on Instagram .

However Istagram not specifically explain what causes paralysis of photo uploading service on 12 April 2014 .


First Day at the UN Capital Shortage Problem Treated

The first day of the implementation of the National Examination ( UN ) for high school / vocational school in Jakarta colored shortage exam . It happened in Santa Ursula High School is located at 2 Post Road New Market Village , District Sawah Besar , Central Jakarta .

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Head of Secondary and Higher Education in Central Jakarta , Zainal Soleman Naska acknowledges shortcomings in the school ‘s national test . This is due to miscalculation texts taken from rayon SMAN 35 Jakarta . As a result , the school was deficient 9 exam scripts for Indonesian subjects .

" At the moment the script distribution of rayon SMAN 33 Jakarta to SMA Santa Ursula , we think it is in accordance with the number of high school students who take the exam Santa Ursula today as many as 207 people . Yet when the envelope is opened , turned out to be much less than 9 manuscript manuscript , I was told the Santa Ursula high School 06.00 am , " he said , Monday ( 14/04/2014 ) .

Once aware of the shortage of exam questions , the Sub Medium and High , an independent watchdog UI , representative of Santa Ursula High School , and Central Jakarta district police immediately coordinated and less to pick up a script that Jakarta Education Agency .

" Around 07.00 , the script had arrived in Santa Ursula High School so it does not interfere with the implementation of the test , since the test started at 07.30 , " he said .


Dollar stable ahead of next week’s appearance Yellen

The dollar was stable against other major currencies on Friday (Saturday morning GMT ) , as investors await new statement the U.S. Federal Reserve Governor Janet Yellen , in the next week .

At 22:00 GMT ( Saturday at 5:00 pm ) , the euro traded at 1.3882 dollars , down slightly from 1.3888 dollars on Thursday .

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U.S. dollar bought 101.65 yen , up from 101.55 yen Japanese currency . The euro traded at 141.11 yen compared with 141.04 yen .

The dollar tumbled in the past two days after the minutes of the Fed’s policy meeting in March released Wednesday ( 9/4 ) , suggesting there is little chance the Fed will significantly extend the timetable to raise its benchmark interest rate .

Most analysts expect the move will be done at the end of 2015 .

Kathy Lien , executive director for BK Asset Management , said the dollar remains under pressure despite ” selling subsided ” on the weekend . He said the Fed’s shift in attitude could shake up the market .

" If the FOMC officials changed the conversation of low interest rates for a long time for a rate hike in mid-2015 , investors could be buying dollars carefully , " said Lien .

" But if the purpose of the Fed is to prevent yields from rising sharply because they reduce purchases of assets , they would take the risk of saying nothing could surprise the Treasury markets (government bonds ) ? "

However , Lien Yellen will monitor public appearance next week in Atlanta and New York , along with the release of retail sales on Monday ( 14/4 ) .

Among other currencies , the pound fell to 1.6733 dollars from 1.6781 dollars on Thursday .

The dollar slipped to 0.8758 Swiss francs from 0.8762 francs .


Jokowi: We Have Not Media, but Got Volunteer

Presidential candidate of the Democratic Party of Struggle Joko Widodo said , compared to other presidential candidates , he did not have any strength , both the media and financial. It is said when approached Headquarters Pro Jokowi Jokowi ( Projo ) in the Jewel, South Jakarta , Friday ( 11/04/2014 ) .

" We do not have the media , TV , newspapers , but many are present here . Which I have only shortcomings and also volunteers , one of which Projo , " said Jokowi .

On that occasion , he also thanked the media that disseminate news to the community , both positive and negative . However , Jokowi appreciate , though not with the network media , the public continued to support him . He also hoped no one think of doing politics money to scoop the masses .

" I don penah give anything to volunteers , the Projo . A penny . I do not have the financial means to that, " said the Governor of Jakarta .

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As reported previously , in this visit , Jokowi Projo headquarters inaugurated as the “Home Jokowi ” . PDI - P activator Projo dominated by the mover Mutual Aid Pro Mega post in 1998 . Organization is declared on December 21, 2013 in Jakarta to support Jokowi forward as a presidential candidate on the grounds that the Governor of Jakarta is considered able to lead and bring change for the better either concrete .


Students in U.S. rampage with a knife, 22 people injured

A 16-year -old student wielding two knives and a rampage at a high school in Pisttsburgh , USA , on Wednesday, or today ( 04/10/2014 ) pm . A total of 22 people injured by knife stabs and slashes .
Action was brought to a halt by an assistant principal. According to officials , the attacker secretly infiltrate in a school room . He then stabbed the body , arms and face snatch victims . Some of the injured were immediately taken to the hospital with critical condition .
Action was triggered panic in the school . Many students were evacuated and the fire alarm sounded . Such information Tom Seefeld , chief of police in Murrysville , Pennsylvania , as quoted by Reuters on Thursday ( 10/04/2014 ) .
" He ( the principal) to act secretly . At first no one knew what was happening , "says Josh Frank , a student at the school . " We heard a girl screaming bloody murder . Then two ( students ) and seniors walk down the aisle
we followed them out of school , “he continued .
According to some students , a student who subdued the attacker . He used two with a length of about 10-25 cm . The officer immediately handcuffed him come .

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Local Attorney John Peck said , perpetrators are likely to be charged as an adult on charges of attempted murder . Police have not released the identity of the perpetrators and the victims


Provide Hard Disk Drive Seagate 6TB

CALIFORNIA - When you are feeling less have a hard disk drive ( HDD ) one or two TB ( terabytes ) , providing Seagate HDD with 6TB capacity . Storage devices are estimated to sell for $ 600 is claimed to be able to work very quickly . (see also: pakan burung cendet)

Reported by Vr - zone , on Tuesday ( 04/08/2014 ) , Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD v4 has a rotational speed of 7,200 RPM . In contrast to 6TB HDD made ​​by Western Digital ( WD ) , a data storage device using magnetic recording technology with higher density .

" We do not have to use helium to obtain this capacity . Because it is 25 percent faster than the drive helium , " said Marketing Manager of Seagate , Barbara Craig .

Seagate says HDD version will be available in 12GB per second SAS and SATA 6GB per second version . Reportedly , the device can operate non-stop for the data center and up to 550 TB of data that can be transferred per year .

Seagate has not revealed specifically the availability and price of new storage product. The new device is shipped predicted priced at $ 600 or approximately Rp 6 , 7 millions .


Similar Reject Marriage, New CEO of Mozilla Condemned

Three of the six members of the board in Mozilla rumored to have left the company after the announcement pembesut Firefox Brendan Eich as the new CEO of Mozilla .

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All three members of the board , is a former Mozilla CEO Gary Kovacs , John Lilly , and Ellen Sminof . They are already resigned before Eich officially announced to the public .

" ( They retreat ) Due to concerns over the contribution of Proposition 8 , " said the other board on the reasons for the resignation of three colleagues .

Proposition 8 is a ban on same-sex marriage advocacy organization in California . The law on this subject was lifted in February 2012 having previously passed in November 2012 .

Not only the members of the council , any employee Mozilla Eich condemned the attitude that supports banning same-sex marriage . In fact , they were angry after the suspect Eich had donated $ 1,000 to the organization .

As quoted from The Verge , Saturday ( 29/03/2014 ) , did not show any attitude Eich of Mozilla that supports the vision of freedom and expression to the sound.

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Aware of the controversy regarding the attitude he made , Eich had posted on his blog that he will continue to advance Mozilla regardless of gender , ethnicity, race , and sexual orieantasi .

Source:http:// detik. com/

Masalah alam tidak diinginkan

Dengan kecoak di dapur dan gajah di kebun , ahli biologi dan fotografer Jeremy Holden mempertimbangkan implikasi dari tamu tak diundang …

Ahli biologi besar dan EO Wilson Myrmekolog , selama waktu pertanyaan yang mengikuti kuliah , sering diminta oleh beberapa lingkungan amatir yang bersangkutan , ” Apa yang harus saya lakukan tentang semut di dapur saya? ” Wilson menjawab : ” . Tapak hati-hati “

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Satwa liar yang tidak diinginkan , dan apa yang harus dilakukan tentang hal itu , adalah hal yang impinges pada sebagian besar kehidupan kita di beberapa titik . Untuk mayoritas , respon kita membabi buta : kita menghapus masalah - baik itu mengusir lalat atau penyemprotan Raid sepanjang jejak semut tidak diinginkan . Tentu saja , di negara-negara dengan undang-undang satwa liar yang ketat kita tidak selalu bebas untuk berurusan dengan masalah diri kita sendiri . Kelelawar di rumah tangga Inggris yang dilindungi , dan merusak mereka dapat membawa denda berat.

Tapi apa tanggung jawab kita terhadap masalah satwa liar ?

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Pertanyaannya telah mengangkat kepala diinginkan baru-baru ini karena dua hal . Yang pertama adalah bahwa di Kamboja itu adalah musim hujan . Sering hujan berarti banjir . Banjir berarti penggusuran paksa , dalam hal ini , kecoa . Pada saat ini tahun saya bisa mengharapkan untuk secara teratur menemukan serangga berkedut di kamarku . Tidak ada masalah bagi orang-orang yang dapat mentolerir mereka ( saya tidak punya argumen dengan semut di dapur saya ) , tapi kecoa tumit Achilles saya , inspirasi fobia .

source:http://www. fauna-flora .org/